Postpartum Doula

I know the benefit of having help after a baby is born. Whether you have a group of people to support you, or you are doing it yourself, those first few days and even weeks can be a bit of a blur. A postpartum doula can be of help during this transition period.

My services include: cleaning, cooking, arranging support, taking care of pets, feeding support, guidance for support person and/or other children, basic newborn care, and other tasks as needed. I am also available for overnight newborn care. Please contact me for rates and information. References available upon request.


A gift certificate for postpartum doula help is a great gift to give to a family expecting a baby. Whether it’s their first or their sixth, a helping hand is usually appreciated.  Please contact me to discuss what this might look like!

*Good news for BlueCross BlueShield of VT customers! Under their Better Beginnings program, my services can be covered under the “Homemaker” benefit, provided you enroll before you are 34 weeks along. Check out BCBS website for more info!

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